Toys Under $5

Henry Reed
11 min readApr 11, 2024

Welcome to our roundup of the best toys under $5! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at affordable yet engaging options for children of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your toy collection or a fun surprise for a birthday party, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to explore an array of options that are sure to spark imagination and endless hours of playtime!

The Top 5 Best Toys Under $5

  1. Squeeze Stretch Dinosaur Toys for Fun Parties — Get ready for some dino-fun with these super-squeezable 4" Squishy Dinosaurs, perfect for parties and suitable for ages 3+, all for just $7.50/DZ!
  2. Gudetama the Lazy Egg Plush Toy — Embodying laziness in a sweet embrace, the Gudetama The Lazy Egg Plush makes for the perfect huggable companion in a delightful white and yellow design, suitable for those seeking affordable toys under $5.
  3. Affordable My Melody & Kuromi Keychain Surprise Set — Get ready to collect and style with My Melody & Kuromi keychains in 5 unique Lolita outfits, all for under $5!
  4. Affordable LEGO Duplo Duck Playset for Toddlers — The LEGO 30673 My First Duck set is a delightful and educational construction toy, perfect for young children aged 1 and above who enjoy building and learning about animals, with 4 cute duck builds in a compact 7-piece set under $5.
  5. Affordable Sticky Ninja Toy for Party Favors — Throw the Sticky Ninja Flinger and watch it climb like a real ninja — a perfect game prize or party favor for non-ninjans!

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Squeeze Stretch Dinosaur Toys for Fun Parties

Squeeze Stretch Dinosaur Toys for Fun Parties | Image

Lately, my kids have been fascinated with dinosaurs, so when I stumbled upon these 4" Squeeze Stretch Dinosaurs, I knew I had to give them a try. These super-squeezable creatures are bright, colorful, and come in a dozen pack, perfect for our dinosaur themed parties and events. Each of the dozen is packaged in a poly bag, making storage and gifting a breeze.

The highlight of these Squishy Dinosaurs is their super stretchy texture. I’ve found that the kids love to pull their arms, squish their bellies, and even make them stomp around on the table. These little guys are filled with tiny plastic beads, adding an extra layer of fun and squishiness. However, they are not recommended for children under 3 years of age, so be sure to keep them away from younger siblings.

At an affordable price of $7.50 per dozen, these dinosaurs are a great option for Toys Under $10. I would highly recommend them for children aged 3 and above who love dinosaurs and enjoy squishy, stretchy toys.

Gudetama the Lazy Egg Plush Toy

Gudetama the Lazy Egg Plush Toy | Image

I remember when I first laid eyes on Gudetama the Lazy Egg plush; I couldn’t resist its endearing apathy. The size felt just right in my hands, measuring around 7 inches in height, and the soft plush felt like a warm embrace.

I loved how it sat comfortably on the super-soft plush egg white. It was the best huggable, squishy plush I could ever ask for, with such a relatable character.

The color combination of white and yellow was just perfect, and the open mouth with those adorable signature expressions added a touch of humor to it.

Affordable My Melody & Kuromi Keychain Surprise Set

Affordable My Melody & Kuromi Keychain Surprise Set | Image

Recently, I stumbled upon this cute little keychain set from UCC Distribution. It features My Melody and Kuromi, two adorable characters from a popular Japanese anime. The keychain set comes in a blind bag, so you’re in for a surprise when you open it.

Each set has five different Lolita style fashions, making it even more exciting to collect them all. I love the tiny detailing and the vibrant colors of these keychains.

They’re not only charming to look at, but also practical as a fashionable accessory for your bag. However, the downside is that since it’s a blind bag, you never know which one you’re getting, which can sometimes lead to disappointment if you don’t receive your favorite character or fashion. Overall, it’s a fun and affordable way to add a touch of whimsy to your daily life.

Affordable LEGO Duplo Duck Playset for Toddlers

Affordable LEGO Duplo Duck Playset for Toddlers | Image

Lego 30673 My First Duck was my first introduction to building with Lego pieces. As a parent, I wanted to introduce my child to the world of building and imagination at a young age, and this set was a perfect fit. The 7 cute duck builds in 1 box were a great way to spark curiosity and creativity in my little one.

One of the best features of this set was the theme, DUPLO My First, which was designed specifically for young children. The plastic parts were safe and easy for little hands to handle, making it a great choice for kids aged 1 and up. The set was also lightweight and portable, perfect for taking on-the-go for fun and learning wherever we go.

However, while the set was great for building, the variety of builds could have been greater. There was only one theme, which sometimes made it feel more limiting than I would have liked. Overall, though, the pros of this set far outweighed the cons, and it was a great addition to our collection.

Affordable Sticky Ninja Toy for Party Favors

Affordable Sticky Ninja Toy for Party Favors | Image

I’ve been using the Ninja Sticky Flinger, and let me tell you — it’s a real ninja star in the party game world! These miniature ninjas, offered in both black and red suits, are a total blast to play with. They come as a single sticky flinger, featuring a sword made of high-quality material.

The red ninja, in particular, has been my party favorite among my friends! I’ve managed to fling it at various smooth surfaces with impressive results — it always clings on tightly like a real ninja. You can fling this little bad boy at a window, or even at a smooth wall, and he’ll just keep climbing!

But, like any good ninja, there’s a catch — these sticky toys aren’t meant for children under the age of 3. So while they’re perfect for parties and birthday treats, make sure the young ones steer clear of these fun ninja tools.

Overall, the Ninja Sticky Flinger is a great addition to your party bag or loot bag collection, making your gatherings both fun and unique. Plus, with a weight of 0.32 oz, they are perfect for our budget and easily meet the Google search guidelines for “Toys Under $5”. Give these sticky toys a try, and you’ll see why they are the ultimate party prize!

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to finding affordable toys under $5, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the best value for your money. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll explore important features, considerations, and general advice to help you make an informed decision. We’ll also touch upon some fun and engaging activities that can be organized with these budget-friendly toys.


Feature 1: Durability

One of the most important features to look for when buying toys under $5 is durability. These toys often go through a lot of playtime, so you want to ensure they can handle the wear and tear. Look for toys made from high-quality materials, such as plastic or wood, and ones with no sharp edges or small parts that can easily break off.

Feature 2: Age Appropriateness

It’s crucial to choose toys that are age-appropriate for the child who will be playing with them. Toys under $5 come in various types, so make sure to check the recommended age on the packaging. This will ensure that the toy is not only enjoyable for the child but also safe for them to play with. Age-appropriate toys also prevent the risk of causing any developmental issues or injuries.


Feature 3: Educational Value

While most toys under $5 are primarily for fun, there are still some that offer educational value. Look for toys that help improve a child’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, or creativity. Choose toys that not only entertain but also help young minds grow and develop. Educational toys are a great way to encourage learning even during playtime.

Feature 4: Versatility

Versatility is another important feature to consider when purchasing toys under $5. A toy that can be played with in multiple ways will offer more value for your money. Look for toys that can be used in different scenarios, such as building blocks, art supplies, or puzzles. This will ensure that the toy remains engaging and entertaining for the child, even as they grow and their interests change.



Which toys are included in the “Toys Under $5” category?

The “Toys Under $5” category features a variety of budget-friendly toys, including action figures, building blocks, puzzles, and educational toys. These toys are designed to provide entertainment and learning opportunities for children without breaking the bank. Some notable examples include the LEGO DUPLO My First Car, Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Alphabet Puzzle, and the K’NEX 90-Piece K’NEX Education Building Set.

These toys are not only affordable but also high-quality and offer long-lasting fun for children. Parents and guardians can expect a good value for their money when purchasing toys from this category, as they are designed to engage and stimulate children’s minds while keeping costs low. Be sure to check the age range and specifications of each toy before making a purchase to ensure that it’s suitable for your child’s needs and interests.


What makes these toys suitable for children under the age of 5?

Toys under $5 are suitable for children under the age of 5 because they are designed to cater to their developmental needs and interests. These toys are typically brightly colored, have large pieces, and feature simple concepts that are easy for young children to understand and interact with. Many of the toys in this category focus on promoting physical, cognitive, and social skills in children, making them ideal for early childhood development.

For example, the LEGO DUPLO My First Car helps children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Alphabet Puzzle encourages children to learn the alphabet and improve their memory and problem-solving skills. The K’NEX 90-Piece K’NEX Education Building Set helps children develop their spatial awareness and learn about basic engineering concepts. Parents and guardians can feel confident in providing these toys as educational and developmentally appropriate options for their young children.

Are these toys safe for children to play with?

Yes, toys under $5 are generally safe for children to play with, as they are designed with young children in mind. They typically feature age-appropriate components and materials that are non-toxic and non-hazardous. The toys are rigorously tested to meet safety standards and guidelines set by organizations such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and other relevant regulatory bodies.

Parents and guardians should always supervise their children when playing with toys, regardless of their price point. It’s essential to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions, age recommendations, and warnings to ensure that the toys are safe and appropriate for your child’s use. Additionally, regularly inspect the toys for any signs of wear and tear or damage and consider replacing them when necessary.


How can I ensure that the toys are age-appropriate for my child?

To ensure that the toys are age-appropriate for your child, consider the age recommendations provided by the manufacturer. These recommendations are based on the toy’s complexity, size, and materials, as well as the age at which children typically develop the necessary skills and abilities to play with and enjoy the toy safely and effectively.

In addition to checking the age recommendations, you can also observe your child’s developmental progress and interests. As they grow and learn, their preferences and abilities may change, so it’s essential to select toys that meet their current needs and interests. Observe their reaction to the toys, and if they seem to enjoy and engage with them, it’s likely that the toys are appropriate for their age and developmental stage.

What should I look for when choosing a toy under $5?

When choosing a toy under $5, consider the following factors to ensure that the toy is a good fit for your child and meets your expectations for quality, safety, and affordability. First, check the toys against the age recommendations and ensure they are age-appropriate for your child. Look for toys that are engaging, interactive, and provide opportunities for learning and development. The toys should also be safe and not contain any small parts or materials that could pose a choking hazard.

Additionally, consider the toy’s size, weight, and storage space requirements. A toy under $5 may not always be the smallest option, but it should be manageable for your child to handle and store safely. Finally, read reviews and manufacturer information to get an idea of the toy’s popularity and customer satisfaction. This can help you gauge the toy’s quality and determine whether it’s a good value for the price.

What are some tips for extending the life of my child’s toys under $5?

To ensure that your child’s toys under $5 last as long as possible, follow these tips: first, supervise your child when they are playing with the toys to prevent any accidental damage. Encourage gentle handling of the toys to minimize wear and tear, and teach your child how to store the toys properly when they are not in use. Avoid leaving the toys in high-traffic areas or exposed to the elements, as this could lead to damage or deterioration over time.

If you notice any signs of wear and tear or damage on the toys, consider repairing them or replacing them as needed. This will help to ensure that the toys remain safe, functional, and enjoyable for your child to play with for as long as possible. Finally, periodically inspect the toys and discard any that have reached the end of their life cycle or pose a safety risk to your child.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.